Sailing As A Sport?!

Sailing As A Sport?!

Of course, is that even a question?

To begin with, let us quickly rush through the book of ‘sailing’!

Sailing refers to practical and technical skills needed to manage and navigate a ship that carries passengers from one place to another through sea routes. Sailing vessels were used for commerce, to show military power, and explore the marine world until the 19th century. Later, in the 21st century, it was recognized as a sport and utilized for recreational activities. It was classified as two forms of activities- cruising and racing; cruising refers to going on a vacation by sailing and traveling across the world through the sea route.

Racing and other sports in sailing!


There are various forms of sailing sports. However, sailing competitions among a large number of ships or vessels take place every year.
Sailing can be easily considered a ‘sport’ as it needs skills, knowledge, patience, and practice; it needs physical and mental strength.

How is sailing different from other sports?

It is not an easy sport to get well-versed in a short period. We must agree that every sport needs hard work and dedication to learn them, but sailing also takes a significant amount of time to understand and know its skills.
Many people argue that sailing is not a sport because the players aren’t moving. But, it is vital to be aware that sailing is indeed a physical activity based on the player’s handling of the vessel using their skills. If that was the criteria, then car and bike racing can not at all be considered sports!


Classification in sports sailing:

Sailing has been a sport in the Olympics too. It is said to be one of the oldest Olympic sports that was played. There are a lot of changes and developments that can be noticed in the evolution of sailing games.
Despite there are different types of boats and ships, sailing is also classified into various forms.

● Team racing: A six-player famous sailing sport that includes teams where three players belong to one group. The racing features with high-points victory; the team is evaluated with points based on the players’ decisions on the spot and their physical strength and abilities. At last, the team with the highest points win the game!

● Match racing: A game between two players that get finished very soon, within twenty to twenty-five minutes. What makes the match racing different is that the players must use the same kind of boats.

● Ocean and offshore racing: Ocean and offshore racing are adamant yet challenging forms of sailing. Races that can cross eight hundred miles are considered to be offshore races. The events that are organized regarding the racing will have a set of rules and regulations to follow.

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