An Open Letter to Larry Ellison – Engage, Invest, Lead

October 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

This article first appeared in SailingAnarchy, in October, 2010.

Let’s cut right to it. I’ll make no judgment regarding boats or venues. I’m not qualified.

But I believe we have a common interest in sailing, and you are gearing up to invest in shoreside infrastructure and large scale marketing. Please consider this three step plan to make the most of AC34, submitted with highest respect and humility.

1.) Don’t wait for trickle down. Make it something we all do now, with you. Engage.

Link every sailing not-for-profit in the country to your project, and popularize the best ideas in the grassroots through a nationwide collaborative design and discovery effort. Within a year, the best ideas will find their way not just into your boat, but also into dinnertime and classroom discussions and practical use all over the country.

A mass remote boat building project that mirrors the work that you are doing will engage multiple generations, and may, in fact, provide you a new idea or two in return.

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