Reader wants to know: where not to by the Digital Yacht Wireless NMEA System

September 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

This from a Sailing Magazine reader:

Hi Nick-
First thank you for your efforts at promoting sailing from the inclusive/family point of view. I love it all so can relate to the fact that it is just fine to go out for FUN and not just race all the time. I started our Jrs program way back when my kids were starting and lead the re-birth of it after Katrina. It’s the 10th anniversary of Katrina down here, so we reflect on the blessings of today and tomorrow as we leave behind the scars of the past.

I just read your article on Big data for little boats. [Sailing Magazine, September 2015) Intriguing. I recently replaced my instruments with the Raymarine/ex tacktick wireless set up. Is that the system you refer to? Or is it an additional instrument? How does one get to the code level stuff one needs to feed the phone/tablet apps?
Best regards,
[A reader]

My response:

Thanks to you for the work you did and do after Katrina.

I have a Tacktick system, and bought the Digital Yacht NMEA to Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter. Make sure to get the WLN10, not the WLN10HS. The HS model runs at 38400 baud and the Tacktick system runs at 4800 baud. I didn’t find this in tech-notes anywhere, and had to go to the manufacturer to uncover the incompatibility and the fix. But I understand that if you get the correct one, you shouldn’t have to hack it to get it to work.

Also, stay far away from the online retailer They sold me the wrong thing and wouldn’t exchange or refund it even after many promises and emails.

Good luck!




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