Are sailing clubs compatible with 21st century social trends?

February 4, 2014 § 4 Comments

Adult Women Go Sailing

The fastest growing and most active group entering sailing is made up of active outdoorsy adult women. (For decades, most sailing newcomers were boys.)

But Sailing’s adult female newcomer is rightly skeptical that membership in a club is necessary to her sailing. Why fight through a thick residue of archaic attitudes when your mission is to go blast reaching with your friends and then post clips?

So like the disruptive new technology that reshaped the America’s Cup, this new demographic is shaking sailing’s traditional institutions – sailing and yacht clubs –  to their core.

Read more at Sailing Magazine.


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§ 4 Responses to Are sailing clubs compatible with 21st century social trends?

  • Where have you been for the past 50 + years? This is old news and not very well written. It doesn’t even make sense to me that you would even consider this a relevant statement since women “athletes” have been engaged in sailing for longer than you have been alive. I found your term “outdoorsy” to be offensive and sexist.
    Please come up with something new to tell us about women sailors. So condescending and of the old school. .

    • Nick Hayes says:

      I agree, “outdoorsy” is an unfortunate word. Read the book: When you catch an Adjective, Kill it. Thesaurus searches were unproductive.

      But you’ve missed the story completely. 20 years ago, 1:7 sailors were female and men and women rarely competed together. Today, women outnumber men as newcomers to sailing, and while there is more gender integration than before, the ratios are insufficient to reflect the reality. I’m proposing that less sexism would do the sport well. If this is an old idea, I’ll wear my wrinkles proudly.

      • Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I guess I was so turned off by that one word I couldn’t go any further with the content. Statiscally, I suppose I was in the .005% in the 1960’s when a few high school girls and I started sailing Finns on the Barnegat Bay. “Females Fail To Fear Fast Furious Finns” was the sports headline in the Asbury Park Press. We were an oddity but had a great time and learned a lot about sailing. Thanks again for responding.

      • Nick Hayes says:

        “Females Fail To Fear Fast Furious Finns”

        Terrific headline. Thanks for sharing.

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