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Watching from the dockIf you’re a seasoned sailor, you probably don’t feel much trepidation when you’re preparing to leave the dock. You’re familiar. You speak the language.

But nearly everyone else in the world does.

Sailing is one of those things that almost everyone would like to try, but few do, in large part, because of trepidation.

It can seem daunting. Imagine imagining what it might feel like to sail when you’ve never done it. You might be panicked about the motion, not knowing the names of things, not having the right clothing or safety equipment, feeling helpless when someone asks you to do something using words you don’t know, like “ease the sheets” or “trim the guy”.

But a small, unpretentious publication captures that transcendent moment when one who aspires to sail meets the one who will help them realize their dreams. It begins with an unusually firm handshake, an authentic meeting of eyes, the confidence of basic english, and the trepidation melts away so that the grand adventure can begin.

Start Sailing Now tells a newcomer what to expect, what to listen for, how to dress, where to find help, and why learning to sail is like learning to ride a bike — it lasts forever. For sailors that want to share the adventure with newbie friends, Start Sailing Now is a simple gift to get things going in the right direction.

Start Sailing Now is freely offered by the publishers of SpinSheet Magazine. Until now, it was only available near the Chesapeake Bay, where Spinsheet is distributed. But this year, Start Sailing Now goes national. The publishers have expanded their website to include information about places to learn to sail in New England, New York and New Jersey, Florida, the Mid-West, the Pacific Northwest, and California. Paper copies will be distributed at select maritime locations and other potential sailor hangouts, including one of my favorites, the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center.

If you’re on Milwaukee’s lakefront, and you want to confront trepidation head on, stop in and get a copy of Start Sailing Now. And while you’re there, sign up for a trial sail or an intro class!

To find other distribution locations or order hard copies, or find Start Sailing Now in its entirety online, visit or e-mail

Start Sailing Now

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